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Did you know that the IRS admits that they are collecting $50 billion more in taxes every year?

The IRS is hiring an additional 87,000 auditors to collect even more money.

Forbes says 93% of business owners pay more in taxes?

Get someone in your corner that can not only save you money but make you money. Grow your business and exit for the big money


What’s the deal with pumpkin spice tax?

It is a made up “tax” (except for New Jersey) where retailers randomly increase prices toget more money out of you.

But where does all the taxing end? First, the government, then the states, and now the stores – all are in the “taxing game.” How do you protect yourself and keep that hard earned money in your pocket?

Everyone is getting in the “Tax Game.” When do you say I’m not going to take it anymore and legally pay as little as possible in taxes???

Introducing the “Pumpkin tax – “World Class Tax and Business Strategies”

Get a CPA with over 30 years of tax strategies, structures, and execution that has helped his clients legally save a ton of money, on your team to protect your interest and keep your money in your pocket.

Why Is Tax Planning Important?

Tax planning is important part of any financial plan for individuals, families or businesses. Proper structure and planning are the keys to minimizing tax cost. The difference could be from a few hundred dollars to millions in savings.

That money goes into your bank account to grow your wealth. Don’t overpay the government like so many people do.

Protect your assets because you work too hard to let it slip through your fingers.



The average American will pay $480,407 in taxes throughout their lifetime.

That’s an average of 34.49% of all lifetime earnings spent on taxes.



MJ grew up in a family of 6.  With a father who taught school and coached sports with a mother who was an old fashioned stay at home mom, money was tight and we had to fend for food.I have two distinct memories of my childhood.  One Christmas I was 11 years old and I remember sneaking by the tree and looking at the gifts that were there.  At this age there is great anticipation and joy of what was to come.  I dug for the gifts that were mine and grabbed them, all two and realized in those packages was a set tee shirts and in the other was a package of underwear. 

How can mJ Help You?


join business Baller University

You can expand your business quickly by taking advantage of years of experience unpacked inside the Business Baller University. Not only will there be special reports and training videos on relevant information for your business growth and maximizing the profits, inside will be real life actionable strategies and tactics that you will be able to immediately employee and start your journey to maximizing your greatest asset – your business.


It’s all about win win

MJ is always looking for opportunities whether you want him to help with your invention, build your business or even sell your idea or business. He even does joint ventures. There are many ways to have everyone win.

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Here is what of a sampling of things that are included in the book

No problem, easy to overcome.

No problem, you will quickly breakthrough.

No problem, they will stick out like a sore thumb.

No problem, you will own your industry.

No problem, you will quickly get that accomplished.

No problem, turn them into your salespeople, they only get
paid on performance.

No problem, the answers are quickly executed.

No problem, so easy to do and most people never do it because they don’t know the secret.

No problem, your company will become “The King/Queen of joint ventures.”

Leave your competition in the dust and have them chase you but more important maximize your profits and protect what you make.

The 10 biggest mistakes small business owners make.
The 7 ways to grow a business.
Have your customers be your best sales people.
When to play “chess” versus “checkers” in business actions.
Position your company for a sale.
How to have a consistent marketing message.
Business loans with no credit check.
Skyrocket your personal credit score.
Have an invention idea and no money—no problem.
Buying someone else's product and selling to your customers— cut them out and double your bottom line.


Who Is MJ Not For?​
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“I can't turn losers into winners but I can help Winners win more”

What industry professionals say about MJ

"Very bright & talented, honorable businessperson."
Robert Alston Esq
"Mark is a very astute businessman and he is the go-to guy for acquisitions, monetizing products and services, and marketing entrepreneurial enterprises. “

Amber Robinson, esq
“Thanks for your help. Just sold my company for $32 million. Couldn’t have done it without you.”
Mikail Nijor ,Mueller Direct
“MJ helped me position my company to sell. I sold. And now I’m getting ready to sell my other company.”
Gene Lasker